some games i played

— in which none of this is sponsored

Hi! Hope you’re enjoying the passing of time around about now!

I played some video games this past month¹, here’s a list of them:


It’s on Steam so I count it as a video game, 3d modeling is fun!

Please help I have too many hours.

lethal company

($10 on Steam, released 2023)

I got this game after watching RTGame’s video of it². Pretty much a first-person multiplayer rogue-like / theft simulator. The in-game voice chat really helps make this fun, although I personally find the whole profit-quota death a bit annoying.

trials evolution gold edition

($20 on Steam, released 2013)

If you ever played Trials HD on XBLA then this game is pretty much the PC equivalent of that, containing all the maps from that (although I’ve heard that it doesn’t contain any DLC maps or something?) as well as its own campaign. I am disappointed that you can’t just play the HD maps but I guess that makes sense.


($6 on Steam, released 2023)

One of those “video game that tries to look like an old video game” kinda video games, but this time with the N64 which I haven’t seen done much³, it’s a ~6 hour long metroidvania with a big focus of movement. I really liked the significant spacing between enemy encounters, really giving me time to look at the environment and enjoy the amazing soundtrack.


($15 on Steam, released 2016)

Can you tell I like 3d platformers? Landfall is really good at making silly physics games and this is their 3d platformer of that. I find it fun to try and jump across the levels in ways that look very unintended (and probably are).


($6 on Steam, released 2023)

Actually, I lied. I haven’t played the full version of this one yet, but I’ve been meaning to. This is a little networking simulator in some cave system thing. Kinda feels like one of those factory-building games but with more IPv4. This is also notable for being fully made in Rust with Bevy!

donut county

($13 on Steam, released 2018)

Little story’d game where you control a hole in the ground, I’ve also done actual speedruns of this game, also the music goes way too hard, again. I guess this is one of those kinda relaxing games.

geometry dash

($4 on Steam, released 2014)

The game got updated after almost 7 years! Now it has a bunch of fun editor features that I’m messing around with, so I haven’t really played any online levels…

end list

Maybe someday I’ll get around to making a list of every cool game I’ve played in not just december, but for now I have things to do (lang-dev part 2 hopefully? I need to figure out what my type system would be like for that)